Engine Specifications 
 Honda 3 Year Warranty

Goodwood Mobile Sawmills are powered by genuine Honda GX690 V-Twin Engines, which are powerful, reliable and fuel efficient. With a 3 Year Domestic & Commercial Warranty, they’re built to last. For more technical specifications, visit Honda Australia.

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We supply 2 x Opteco 4-Tooth blades with each sawmill, manufactured in Australia by Central Saws. Blades have cooling slots and tungsten carbide tips for efficient and reliable operation.

Blade Size 502 x 3.6mm

Kerf 6.1mm

Weight 5.1kg


Log Sizes

Maximum log length – see below, or go to Truss Options

Maximum log diameter 1m


*  Standard Truss      length 7.2m,      weight 97kg – Cut logs up to 5.7m

*  Truss Option 2       length 7.6m,      weight 102kg – Cut logs up to 6.1m

*  Truss Option 3       length 8.1m,       weight 120kg – Cut logs up to 6.6m

*  End Frames (each)    1.9 x 2.1m,      weight 50kg

*  Engine/Carriage Assembly  900 x 1200 x 1100mm,     weight  150kg

*  Total weight approximately 350kg


Board Sizes

Specifications - Square Section Board Sizes      5mm x 5mm up to 190mm x 190mm

Specifications - Board Sizes    5mm up to 190mm x 200mm

Double Cut

Symbol for Double-Cut Board     5mm up to 170mm x 400mm


Frame Travel

Height Travel 1m

Cross Travel 1.4m