About Us

We weren’t thinking about customers when we made the first Goodwood Mobile Sawmill.

That came later…

In 2011, we’d been living in a very small shed near Childers, Qld, for two years and the novelty was wearing off. We planned to build a house using our own timber, but couldn’t find a second-hand portable sawmill that ticked all the boxes.

  • It had to be simple to set up.
  • It had to give maximum yield of sawn timber from the log.
  • It had to allow unrestricted access to position the log and retrieve sawn timber.
  • And, above all, it had to be affordable.

It wasn’t until after we’d built the prototype, cut a few truck-loads of timber, tweaked and modified the original, cut a whole lot more timber, and finally started on our house, that we started thinking about customers. We thought other people would be looking for the same features in a portable sawmill that we see as essential. And we were right – the first Goodwood Mobile Sawmills sold in 2012.

The original Goodwood Mobile Sawmill showing on About Us page
          The first Goodwood Mobile Sawmill

Now, we spend a lot of time thinking about our customers.

We love hearing about the things our customers have achieved with their Goodwood Mobile Sawmill. If you’d like to see what they’re up to, have a look at our Gallery Page.

And we’d love to hear from you, too.  Do you have a project in mind, or questions about using Goodwood Mobile Sawmill for your application? Please call us on 07 4126 8249.

So, Who Are We?

Goodwood Mobile Sawmills is owned and operated by Bruce and Marianne Mackay. We aim to provide a quality product, with a focus on customer service.


More About Us

Bruce spent much of his childhood pulling things apart to see how they work. By the time he started his Automotive Engineering apprenticeship in 1982, he’d already fixed mowers, worked on tractors, and rebuilt a V8 Holden motor. He went on to run a successful tractor repair and general engineering business in northern New South Wales, for 15 years.

Coming from a family of timber-cutters, Bruce developed an interest in timber and sawmilling early on.  In his early 20’s, Bruce spent a year cutting split posts with a chainsaw. Later, he worked with his uncle, cutting timber with a portable sawmill. Bruce thinks there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly sawn timber!