Why Choose Goodwood Mobile Sawmills?

  • Goodwood Mobile Sawmills are made in Australia, and are designed for milling Australian hardwoods. 
  • The Single Truss Design gives full access to place your log in position, and remove sawn timber with minimum effort.
  • Goodwood Mobile Sawmill is quick and easy to assemble so you can set up your mill and start sawing within half an hour.
  • The ability to adjust each end independently produces better quality boards as well as greater yield of sawn timber.
  • There’s no need to change the mill setup to cut wide boards – it’s a simple process with a Goodwood portable sawmill.
  • Combine it with a Goodwood Log Rotator to cut split fence posts and reduce back-breaking chainsaw work.
  • Goodwood Mobile Sawmill is powered by a genuine Honda GX690 engine, so you’ll have plenty of power and reliability.

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Mill Your Own Timber

Our portable sawmills are built in Australia with quality components. Starting from the main single truss design which allows full access to remove the sawn timber easily, through to the genuine Honda engine, Goodwood Mobile Sawmills are reliable and powerful when cutting the toughest of logs.

Australian made and designed, Goodwood Mobile Sawmills are manufactured at our factory at Childers in Queensland. If you’re looking for a portable sawmill that is easy to use, easy to assemble, and that can get the job done, then you are at the right place.

Watch the video and see how it works.

  Cut Split  Fence Posts

The Goodwood Mobile Sawmill lends itself to cutting split posts, in conjunction with the Goodwood Log Rotator. This is a great back-saving device and makes a hard job much quicker and easier.

Watch the video to see how easy it is.


See Cutting Split Posts with the Goodwood mill, for more details.


Easy Set Up

With only 4 main parts, you can set up the Goodwood Mobile Sawmill and start sawing in less than half an hour.

After laying out the Truss and End Frames in a suitable position, lift each end of the Truss into place and connect with a drop-in pin. Square up the frame before fitting the Motor/Carriage Assembly. Secure Carriage in position, attach Sawdust Chute and Water Tank, and you’re ready to go.

Setting up your log is just as easy. Move the Truss back out of your way, place the log into position, then bring the Truss forward to align with the log. A few adjustments to the alignment, and you’re ready to start. Yes, it’s that simple!

Have a look at this video for more detail.




“After extensive research of portable sawmills, we found the Goodwood mill came out on top for ease of operation, robustness and after-sales service. After 5 years of use, we have proved the wisdom of our choice and heartily recommend the unit.”

Colin and Meg, Monduran, Qld


“I’m over the moon with my sawmill – I love it. After I first looked at a Goodwood mill, I tried a friend’s mill, but I hate the idea of two rails – I’m never going back to two rails!”

Bob, Moore Park Beach, Qld

Portable Sawmill Manufactured in Australia

The Goodwood mill was designed with a focus on a simple, reliable and portable sawmill suited to cutting Australian hardwoods. The single truss design is one of our greatest advantages. This allows access both for bringing in the log for milling, and for removing sawn timber. This feature makes the Goodwood Mobile Sawmill more user-friendly, saving time and saving your back!


We are certain that the Goodwood Mobile Sawmill will be the right choice for you. Call us on 07 4126 8249 for more information.

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